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Welcome to the Site! Aren't you special?

Hey! Welcome to my site. You can find out a bit about me and some of my interests and latest passions. I will keep this as updated as I can with my latest favs, and pictures. I hope itīs good for at least a smile!

Favorite Links

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These are some links of special interest to me. You might be interested in them too. Give 'em a click!
bulletDominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus
bulletThis is where I work. St. Jude Thaddeus is a powerful intercessor for people in need. Join the prayer family and join others in quiet prayer for the impossible in the worlds.
bulletFood for the Poor, Inc
bulletFood for the Poor puts 96% of its donations to work for  the poor in the Caribbean and Central America. They have a house building project that I may be leading in a year. Great place for Christmas presents, too. Give a Christmas goat this year!.
bulletDominican Life Online Magazine
bulletThis site has news from Dominican men and women throughout the US. Interesting site!
bulletLandmark Education
bulletLive the life you love! An awesome program to help you do what you really want to be doing.


Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my family and travels.

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